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Migraine Trigger Elimination Dieting

Science can’t explain why so many migraineurs claim that there is a link between certain foods or beverages and their headaches, but they do. Sadly, the food triggers are different for each migraine sufferer, it’s not like someone who needs to lower their cholesterol and the doctor tells them to eat egg whites and lose the bacon, migraineurs have to figure out their triggers on their own. The best way to do this is with an elimination diet. The first step in any elimination diet is to […]

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Migraines and Obesity

Are you more likely to have migraines if you are obese? The simple answer, for adults, is no. The more complicated answer is sort-of. Obesity does not cause migraines in adults, the jury is still out on how obesity affects pediatric migraine That’s the good news. The bad news is that migraine and obesity can have a devastating affect on each other. While obesity does not cause migraines, migraines, especially for people with migraines plus chronic daily headaches, can lead to obesity. People with migraines are likely […]

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Acupressure and Migraines

Acupressure is a completely non-invasive treatment option that has a high success rate among migraineurs (people who suffer from migraine headaches). It has a proven track record as a successful pain abatement technique. Acupressure is also efficacious in reducing both the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are over 800 vital energy points in the human body. These points lie along meridians that run throughout a person’s body. Chi, or life energy, flows along the meridians and through the energy points in […]

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